Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Avalon Dance, holistic dance

Teaching the true art form of dance. Most people go in to the performing arts world knowing how competitive and brutal it can be. The goal behind Avalon dance is to also shed light on the fact that the art of dance can be very rewarding. It can be very rewarding not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. We do our best to teach our dancers not just the technique of dance but to be able to use the art form as an outlet.

With our society today there are so many body image issues and peer pressure, that our young students go through on a daily basis. We like to create a safe haven on the dance floor. Come to Avalon dance, do your homework,  eat your dinner, take your dance classes and just exhale! Literally exhale.

In miss T's  contemporary class , held every Wednesday night at 7:30 PM , she teaches with breath.  She guides students and allows them to exhale through each motion they make across the dance floor. She teaches this in hopes to give them a foundation in dealing with stress as they age and develop through life. Avalon Dance is a holistic dance studio not a competitive dance studio. Our motto is, We teach how to dance, not  how to compete.www_

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